Monday, 18 February 2019

Ruma Rua Tekau Tiriti

Here is our class treaty as decided by the children. It is important to feel safe at school. Stay tuned for our korowai.

PE session (high jump)

Try our best at Athletics and other field events.

The children got a chance today to practice their high jump skills and I was very impressed. Take a look at some of the photos.

Room 20 presenting MVTV

Today Ruma Rua Takau got to present MVTV. They did an amazing job, speaking clearly and not being camera shy (like their teacher).

Mr. Gover was so impressed he said he will be calling on us again for another go.

Monday morning news 18/02/19

Corey shared a story with the class about how he discovered these Double Dare jelly beans and he brough some in for the students to try.

The catch is that you could either get a nice tasting jelly bean or a nasty tasting one. Many students chose to be risk takers and try them.

Thursday, 14 February 2019


This year we decided to give the students homework challenges where they get to choose activities to do and share their learning. These activities link well with the curriculum and offer families fantastic opportunities to spend valuable time together. 

I was very lucky that Bernardo brought me some traditional Brazilian snacks. They were super yum and I ate them all.

Second try art

After our first attempt we decided to try again. We used watered down acrylic paint for our self portraits and it is looking amazing. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Korean lesson

On Wednesday the 13th of February we had our first Korean lesson for the year. It was awesome to see all of them participating.
Exposure to different languages helps the brain grow and children learn appreciation of other cultures.

Afternoon game

Every afternoon before the children go home they get an opportunity to host a game. Tuesday Rayah decided it would be hangman and shared a great message about being positive.
For this game children learn to take turns and make sense of language.


We are learning to make self portraits.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Statistics using dices

During this lesson the children were challenged to roll a dice 100 times and record their results using a tally chart. By doing a lesson like this I am reinforcing the learning that has been taking place by making them practice repeatedly.

In the second photo one of the children decided to depict his findings by drawing a pie chart.

Group work and collaboration was very important for this lesson as this is when ideas are shared.

In this last photo I challenged the children by getting them to make a prediction of which number they think will appear the most. They recorded their predictions and when finished they went back to confirm if they were correct. Not only were they being mathematicians, they were being scientists as well.

Getting to know each others

When starting a new year or in a new class it is important for children and teachers to learn about each other.
By playing the "student search" game, children learn to interact and question each other. This leads to positive relationship and even friendships forming.
Communicating and relating to each other is an important learning step in all classes.

Ruma Rua Tekau Tiriti

Here is our class treaty as decided by the children. It is important to feel safe at school. Stay tuned for our korowai.